Samsung Develops Touch Screen Folded

    Technology News - NOW has emerged touch screen device that can be folded. A new innovation from Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, South Korea.

    The display panel consists of two active-matrix organic light-emitting-diode (AMOLED). Closed window silicone that prevents scratches and can function as sentuh.Ketika screen folded down, two touch screens are separated by only 1 mm gap.

    The researchers tested the durability of the display is folded by the folds of 100,000 cycles. From the results of his research, the key to the success of its development by controlling the optical properties of materials.

    ''All the material on the folding window unit (glass and silicon rubber) should have similar optical properties. Attached to each other and strong without changing the optical properties,''said Deputy Samsung HongShik Shim in site.
    Type this new technology can not be removed due to high production costs.

    But Samsung is determined to compete with innovative designs like the iPad. A number of major manufacturers are determined to expand research and develop innovative new products with folding screen touch.

    Samsung expects a large screen device will soon be available to the AMOLED technology.
    Meanwhile, AMOLED display will be used on Nokia E7 and digital camera Sony Cyber​​-shot TX100v.

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