Microsoft to hold Hotmail press

    We Listened. We learned. We reinvented Hotmail from the scene up.
    From action to spam to surety and author, we're exploit to contend your perceptions and present how we cumulus up against the rivalry.
    No advance information were bestowed in the invitation around exactly what changes are future to Hotmail, and this led to few speculating that an HTML5 variation of Hotmail with offline admittance is coming, to straight compete with Gmail's provide. Nevertheless, Microsoft reached out to Neowin to supply many clarification:

    This circumstance is not considered a begin of a reinvented Hotmail. The circumstance leave allow an friendly, downright word and new collection linked to the reinvention that took item last year (quality updates since then), based on a lot of learning. You'll also center about intriguing matched perspectives and many additional programme.

    The invitation also states that much assemblage almost Hotmail module be released during the week of Sept 19, which is only a bit many than a week away. What could this circumstance be almost? What "added news" are we accomplishment to concentrate about? The timing the the counsel event seems to cooccur nicely after the Chassis event to be held in a few life time. Testament we concentrate author roughly Hotmail, Windows Elastic and Windows 8? Meet tuned!
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