iPhone 4 prototype 64 GB

    Technology News - From time photos and videos circulating on the network of mysterious iPhone 4 prototype with an internal memory of 64 GB, which is actually something plausible and not so difficult to achieve for Apple since the iPod touch is available now with this cut of memory .

    According to a rumor picked up by the next This is my 64 GB iPhone 4 could be sold very soon. Many retailers have received a notice in which reference is made to a model of 64 GB iPhone 4, with the same characteristics as the other version except of course the cut of memory.

    While waiting for the next generation iPhone, Apple seems to want to prolong the life of the current model with new versions like the iPhone4, and soon the white 64 GB model. Who knows, maybe this is not exactly a surprise to be unveiled tonight in the Apple Store to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

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