Finally, Microsoft's Acquisition of Skype

    Technology News - A new chapter has been agreed between Microsoft and Skype. Microsoft has agreed to buy Skype for U.S. $ 8.5 billion, on Friday (13 / 5).

    Microsoft's most expensive acquisition in history, made the company known for its Windows product that established itself as a technology company, is ready to serve customers both personal and business affairs.

    Kurt DelBene, Division President of Microsoft's Office explained that Microsoft is still considering whether Skype will be accessible to users of the Xbox or Office.

    For Microsoft, Skype is the most exciting technology today. Moreover, these technologies can be used in the space business or personal.

    The other side is making Microsoft willing to buy Skype with a big enough price, because currently there are 400 million Skype users worldwide.

    In addition, Skype can be present in all software. Thus, according to DelBene, individuals as users of Skype will be the center of Microsoft products, especially Office.

    DelBene confirms the acquisition of Skype to Microsoft, there will be no fundamental change in the future. The users keep free access to Skype. They can even access through the Office for free, and update it, simply by buying Skype upgrade code.

    In the context of the business, Bill Gates founded the company that it will maintain relationships with consumers through Office subscription service. ''There is likely to continue to Office365. In the end all of our products will be consumed through cloud-based services,''continued DelBene.

    Currently Office365 being made ​​in the beta. Later products will be launched to provide the prospect of software that can be synchronized in cell phones, laptops, desktop PCs, and laptops. Consumers can buy a monthly fee.

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