Nautical Star Tattoo Designs For Everyone

    Nautical Star Tattoo Designs For EveryoneMaritime careers have been around for as long as man has had the desire and ability to navigate the seas. And in fact, as an affirmation of man's dedication to and reverie of the ocean, a long line of nautical star tattoo designs have emerged. From early sailors to modern day war heroes, this popular image has been inked on bodies all over the world.

    Nautical Star Tattoo Designs For EveryoneSailors were the first group of individuals to revive modern day tattooing, especially during their visits to the islands of the South Pacific and other areas of Southeast Asia. So it is only natural that a tattoo nautical in nature and attributed to their beliefs and travels would emerge.

    Nautical Star Tattoo Designs For EveryoneFor centuries, sailors and other seamen have relied on the stars in the sky for directional and navigational purposes. This, combined with their superstitious view of the ocean and its power, has inspired many of these men to tattoo a star somewhere on their body.

    The nautical star is thought to be an amalgamation of the symbolism of the North Star and the star that is often the signature on most compasses. Tattoos of the nautical star date back at least 100 years, when sailors began to use the image as a good luck symbol to represent the desire to get to home or to their next destination safely.

    In recent years, nautical star tattoos have grown popular with several distinct groups, including musicians and fans in the punk rock scene. This has been contributed to the symbol's association with Sailor Jerry and the popularity of his signature tattoos that often include images of the nautical star.
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