Tips on How To Wear Pink Lipstick

    Since the neon craze started, all the vivid colors got out in the streets, just like in the 80's. Electric vivid colored eyeshadow, hot pink lipsticks. The most eye-catching style is back in trend.  Here are some great ideas on how to wear the pink lipstick.

    • When choosing the pink, be confident! You'll have to show lots of attitude when wearing such a bright color. Also, make sure you match it perfectly with the rest of your makeup. Choosing the Wright Lipstick Shade
    • There's a large variety of lipstick shades to choose from, so it might seem a hard decision a bit but it's quite simple. As darker your skin tone is, the darker the lipstick should be.  Even if you have pale skin, choose the medium pink rather than a light one. Try to  choose the darker shades even if your skin tone is quite light.
    •  Start with exfoliating your lips, use the lip pencil as a lipstick base. Then apply the new lipstick craze. If you opt for a glossy look, apply a lip gloss to make it shiny (I do this).  You can control the shade of your lipstick with the lip gloss.  If the lipstick turned out to light, than use a darker lip gloss, or vice versa. Also, using a brush to apply the lipstick would make a big difference. You need precision to apply such a bold color.
    Never wear to much pink. Use it as an accessory. Keep the rest of your look simple, apply a smoky eye makeup and choose some chic clothes to wear. You can of course opt for retro looks, just make sure you don't have pink from head to toe. Use plenty of mascara and fresh eyeshadow. Choose dark clothing with the bright lip color.  Many celebrities have sported this retro style: Alexis Bledel, Rihanna, Rose McGowan, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Osborne, Jessica Biel, Taylor Momsen, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and many more.

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