temporary tattoos

    Washable tattoos (also called temporary tattoos or fake tattoos) have been popular with kids for years now. These sticker-type tattoos transfer onto the skin when rubbed with a damp washcloth, and wear off after a few days or baths. Because they are cheap to produce and have a wide appeal, these washable tattoos are often given out at fairs or festivals or they can be found at the bottom of cereal boxes. Some companies use them for promotion. A more up-scale version of this type of tattoo can be purchased, and they are often made to look like real tattoo designs

    Washable tattoo
    These types of washable tattoos are just the beginning, though. Fake tattoos that transfer onto the skin have several distinct disadvantages; for a start, they generally don’t look good for very long. The tattoo image itself is surrounded by a transparent area of stickiness, and after a day or so it tends to pick up dirt. After a few days to a week, the entire tattoo starts to peel off. At best, this type of washable tattoo offers very temporary satisfaction. Luckily there are other temporary tattoos,
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