Tattoo Designs For female - Tips and Ideas For Sexy Tattoos For Guys

    A lot of guys resort to tattoos to express their personality; mostly to show their manhood and sexy side. In this article, we will be discussing various tattoo designs as well as body locations that look great and appealing on men when inked beautifully by a talented tat artist.

    Koi fish is a very popular choice for men because of the symbolism attached to it. It's originally a significant symbol in Japanese culture and can mean good luck. It also represents courage, endurance and strength. Dragon is another strong tat design as it represents power, domination, freedom and good luck as well. Fallen angel, archangels and guardian angels can also look very sexy on men because they can make them look like their protectors and guardians of peace. Another idea is flowers;nowadays, they are not just for women, men are finding them equally attractive as well. Examples are lotus, cherry blossoms, rose and hibiscus. Of course, old school designs will always be around - tribal art, skulls, pinup girl, anchor and cross.

    When it comes to how sexy or interesting a tattoo can be, it is not just about the art or design. It also has a lot to do with body locations. Chest is a favored location by most men as it is a huge body area that can have a lot of room for intricate and detailed designs. Same goes for rib and back areas. They can be great location to create an impressive and amazing piece of body art. These tattoos can only be flaunted by them when they are shirtless or half-naked; so there goes the daring and "chick-magnet" part of it.Source URL:
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