Sexy Feet Deserve Sexy Tattoos - The Feminine Foot Tattoo

    With summer coming and the months of bare all feet it is no wonder women have begun sporting foot tattoos. These are easily covered up in winter months and are even well hidden in summer months, but when the sun and fun comes out so too can these cute, unique tattoos and the women who bare them. So why would you decide to get a foot tattoo and what would be the possible advantages and disadvantages of this type of tattoo?

    * Well like we already said, it is easily covered up. This make for a great tattoo for anyone in the business world. It is not visible as even an ankle tattoo and without the proper type of footwear it is discreetly hidden where few would suspect.
    * Not only is it easily covered up it is unique. Every second female with a tattoo these days has it either on their ankle or their lower back. The foot tattoo may be gaining popularity but for now you can be one of the elite few sporting this beautifully placed tattoo.

    So what about disadvantages?

    * Well for one, pain. The foot is a rather bony place and places with bone close to the surface can be very painful to have inked. This can put quite a few off right away.
    * Another issue is that the skin of the foot tend to bleed and blur the ink more than the skin on the lower back or elsewhere on the body. This means your details won't be as fine.
    * It is also a high traffic area. Your ink will need to be redone and touched up more then most places on the body. ( In fact second only to your hands.)
    * Another problem that may arise is not all artists are comfortable doing this type of tattoo. This simply means that if you have a favourite artist or are simply looking for an artist you may have a more difficult time finding someone to do your tattoo.
    * And the most important one is the healing process. Shoes rub your feet and the last thing you want on your tattoo is rubbing, especially during the healing process. Not to mention it needs to be kept dry and clean. This can be an issue for those who spend a lot of time in their shoes.Source URL:
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