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    Star Tattoo DesignIf you are interested to scribble your body with an impressive pattern, star tattoo design can meet your expectations. There are even smaller patterns in this category that can be easily inscribed without involving much pain. But there are also other notable factors in this genre that can grab the attention of a tattoo lover. Often associated with dreams, hopes and lofty ambitions, this design has always been the highly demanded in the world of body designing. It is one of those categories that have been in existence since ages and have never lost its popularity till date. Including beginners, there are thousands of tattoo enthusiasts, who opt for such appealing design.
    Star Tattoo Design

    There are many individuals who come forward to pick this star tattoo design considering this tradition of body art as an important event in their life. While a few have shown their interest to represent it as a bond with someone close on any relationship. There are various sub-categories in this impressive art of body piercing. Amongst them pentagram star patterns have different significance for an individual. This is because this design is famous for the approach a tattoo artist takes for scribbling these star patterns on a skin. If the design is made in an upward direction, it depicts protection and balance of life. While if the same design is inscribed in a downward direction, the meaning and perception changes completely.

    Star Tattoo Design

    It is not that only the female section of the society has come up for a star tattoo design. But even boys and middle aged men have shown great curiosities and desires for such a pattern as well. Often there are several tattoo designs that are gender specific like the skull tattoos are usually picked by men while fairy tattoos are mostly inked by women. But there is no gender distinction in this category of body art. Irrespective of age and sex these designs are accepted by individuals with open arms. These tattoo designs often comprise of a very solid and boldpattern . The solid shapes and thick lines used in the star design makes it really cool and impressive. Besides, a tattoo lover can opt for different color schemes for this category to make them look more beautiful and unique. To enhance the overall appearance of the tattoo there is absolutely no restriction on the selection of shades and color codes in this category.

    Star Tattoo Design
    There are even deeper perceptions and meanings associated with each star tattoo design. For instance, a shooting star tattoo represents a significant moment in life. While a nautical star tattoos are associated with traits like care and guidance. But no matter which design can portray what sort of a notion or relevance, these tattoo designs have never faded with time. Besides, there is no defined rule or any written law for placing such a demanding category of tattoo on the skin. Based on the whims and desires of a tattoo lover these designs can be easily tweaked in many different ways to fit the space on the body.

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