Mila Kunis is Simply Gorgeous

    The moment you look at Mila Kunis, you will be amazed on the beauty that she possess. I think that even a girl would be highly attracted to her. I describe her beauty as animalistic. She’s got the looks that is not present from other celebrities that are considered good looking.

    To those who doesn’t know Mila Kunis that well, she was an American actress who was born to a Jewish family in the Soviet Union. Her full name is Milena Kunis. She was born on August 14, 1983. From 1995 to present, she has made various appearances not only on movies and television but as well as on music videos and video games. Her breakthrough came when she starred in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She was also the voice behind the character Meg Griffin on the TV series Family Guy. The other more recent movies where she appeared are Max Payne and The Book of Eli.

    On her personal life, she has been dating Macaulay Culkin since 2002. While there has been rumors of marriage, Kunis denied it and said that marriage is not important to her. As much as possible, she tries to keep her private life private. One more thing that makes me like Kunis is her love for traveling. Along with her brother Michel, Kunis have explored other countries like Korea and Fiji.

    If you can observe on the pictures of Mila, you can see that she can rock not only the formal dresses but even her everyday clothes. She looks hot when seen stopping by her local gas just as she is hot in the red carpet wearing gowns. I think that her best asset is her eyes.
    Ahhh..I just love Mila Kunis. She’s simply gorgeous!
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