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    Nico originally moved to Berlin to study Fine Art Painting, but this ultimately didn’t satisfy her, as she felt that she did not fit in to the mould that artists of that particular time and style were being herded into. In 1993, after tattooing herself, Nico began agitated into the concern of tattoo. She tattoos liberated hand as well as with stencils and will refuse costumers if she feels the art that they want from her is merely a continuation of something she’s previously done. Some might study this picky, but I certainly don’t. An artist sets their boundaries and entireness within those boundaries to challenge themselves and their art. The fact that Miss Nico’s waiting list is between 1-2 years certainly testifies to the fact that her impact is in broad demand. And little wonder, Nico’s pieces are often huge, highly detailed and filled with life. She does a mean black and grey, too.

    Without a doubt, Berlin, Germany is one of the coolest cities that you’ll find anywhere in the world. At times the city feels same a living, breathing art gallery, housing some of the greatest artists working today in numerous mediums. So, it should become as no assail that included amongst this lengthy itemize of artists are numerous tattooers and that amongst these tattooers is a great talent by the study of Miss Nico.
    I only recently unconcealed Miss Nico’s work, after finding discover how to say tattoo in Teutonic (Tätowierung, for those of you who care). I began checking the web for some cool Teutonic tattoo artists. Miss Nico was one of the prototypal that popped up. Fortunately, you don’t need to know how to speak or read Teutonic to check discover her ofttimes stunning work. And for what it’s worth, Miss Nico’s headquarters - Berlin’s rattling possess AllStyle Tattoo, has a website that should be transferred to English, just in case you wanted to see a lowercase taste about the place.
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