Japanese Samurai Tattoo

    The Samurai class was known for its extra ordinary martial arts skills. They were highly disciplined individuals trained in the deadliest art of fighting. The Shogun was able to win many battles with the help of the fighting skills of the Samurai. On the other side of their personality these fighting machines were trained in art and poetry. This unique mix of talents lends a mystique to the Samurai which is one of the reasons behind the success of Samurai tattoos.

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    Japanese Samurai Tattoo

    Another major factor that has led to the popularity of Japanese samurai tattoos in more recent years is the role that the television media has played. The samurai has been glorified in many movies and television series. Television being the number one educator for the youth in the west they have developed a liking and appreciation of the samurai and consequently the tattoo enthusiasts have gotten themselves stamped with samurai tattoo designs.

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