False eyelashes/Eyelash Extensions

    False eyelashes and eyelash extensions are the latest beauty obsession worn by celebrities.  Faux lashes are precisely placed around the lid using a safe glue which last for 4-6 weeks. The end result are full, lush lashes – and no need for layers of mascara or False eyelashes w hich you can put them on yourself which lasts more or less 24 hours. Here's how to do it yourself

    1. There are about a million different types of lashes- long, super long, thick, different lengths, the same length, halves, different colors (every color of the rainbow), and even lashes that look like feathers, apply all of them the same way.
    2. Good glue is the MOST critical component to having professional fake lashes.  Now you've got your lashes, you need to buy glue. If the lashes come with a tube of glue, save that for your purse (for touch ups or mishaps). That glue is ok for emergencies, but definitely not a good lash glue. Look for a clear glue like Sassi. It comes in a small glass bottle with a brush that looks a bit like a nail polish brush. A lot of small beauty supply shops sell such glue.
    3. A flat brush with black liner is a good base. Ok, you've got your lashes and you've got your glue. First, apply eyeliner. Personally, I like to use a flat brush and apply a black powder liner as close to the lash line as possible. The brush allows me to get down into the lashes.  
    4. Now, take the eyelashes out of the package (save the package to store them), and hold them to your eye. With a sharp sissors, cut a little bit off of the end so it won't bother the inside of your eye. Hold them up to your eye before you do it so you know how much to cut off. Cut one, then lay it next to the other and cut the same amount off of that one. 
    5. Uncap the glue and drag the brush out, scraping off any extra. If your glue doesn't have a brush, use a toothpick (it's not quite as good, but it works). Spread the glue on the edge of one of the eyelashes. Let it dry for a second and then apply it to your eye. Lay it as close to the lash line as possible (use your eyeliner as a guide). Now, press down from the middle working outside and inside with a toothpick. As soon as you've got the entire lash applied, hold the outer and inner edges down with your fingers for a few seconds to ensure it adheres completely (otherwise once side will start hanging off in a few hours- NOT attractive). 
    6. You've got one side on, do the exact same thing with the other side just don't forget to hold down the sides with your fingers (or a toothpick). If you mess up, try again. It's NO BIG DEAL. The first time you apply lashes should be a day when you have a lot of extra time and no where to go.
    7. Once you've applied both lashes, go back to the first lash and use a black liquid liner (I like the liner in the pot with the liner tip) to fill in the line from the lash to the end of your inner eye. You may also want to go over the rest of the lash line. Then do the same thing to the other eye.
    8. Now for my special secret: Use a spoon (yes an eating spoon, doesn't matter if it's plastic or silver as long as it doesn't have remenants of the soup of the day) although, I prefer not to use it for myslef however it might work for you. Lay the spoon on your lash line flushed up against your lashes. Now, apply your mascara- the spoon will help mesh your lashes to the fake lashes and give it a more realistic look. VOILA! You're lashed and lovely!
    9. Apply your eyeshadow and the rest of your makeup. When you're totally finished, examine your lashes one last time, take the toothpick and prod them a bit- they shouldn't move. If an end is coming undone, just dip the toothpick in the glue and dot it where you need some stick. Remember to use dark shadow in the outer corners (swoop in towards the center) and crease to bring out your lashes. Lighest color should go in the inside and bright to the center. 

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