You Won't Believe What Your Computer Reveals About You

    Maybe you're like me. I'm concerned about how much personal information and history is on my computer. I typically flush my web browsing history, cookies, and temp files every few days. I've been thinking I'm doing a good job until yesterday.

    Free Evidence Eraser Trial

    I came across this software called Evidence Eraser and it claims it can find and delete tons of personal info off your computer that you aren't even aware is available. I installed the program and let it run. Here's what it found:

    When I looked through the findings, there was personal history in the Start Menu, Log Files, and Run Command. There's also an amazing about of personal info in the Windows registry that I had no idea was there!

    And this is just in the Windows section!

    I won't even mention what Evidence Eraser found in my browsers and other applications.

    If personal security is in any way important to you, YOU NEED TO GET THIS PROGRAM.

    If that's not enough, there is another feature that makes this a MUST buy. Evidence Eraser comes with a personal file shredder that meets and exceeds the US Dept of Defense specs for file security. You might not be aware of it, but when you "delete" a file in Windows, most of the time that file could be restored by forensic software used by various police agencies.

    With the Advanced Shredder, when you delete something, it is really GONE.

    Seriously, don't fool with personal security. Your computer has personal information and history virtually everywhere.

    Do yourself a favor and go download it. Once you see what's on your computer, buying this program is a no-brainer.

    Free Evidence Eraser Trial

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