Why You Should Consider Switching To A Broadband Phone

    Switching To A Broadband Phone
    Are you fed up with traditional telephone service and being at the mercy of the companies who constantly increase the rates on long distance, as well as local phone privileges? It may be time to find a different way to place a call to your family and friends. Broadband phone service is an increasingly appealing concept replacing the common telephone company services of Sprint and AT&T. Also known as VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol, broadband phones are another way of referring to an Internet phone.

    How an Internet Phone Works

    When speaking on an Internet phone, your voice is transformed into a digital signal, which travels across the World Wide Web in packets before it reaches whomever you are speaking to. These packets of data are converted into an analog signal before the person on the other end hears what you are saying. A broadband phone isn’t much different from a regular phone. You won’t be using any exotic, high tech receivers and you don’t have to change all of the phone jacks in your home. To place a call over broadband technology, all you have to do is pick up the receiver, dial a number and wait for someone to answer on the other line. You can also benefit from the same services you have grown to love, such as caller ID, call waiting and voicemail options.

    Long Distance Calls

    One of the main reasons people are making the switch to broadband telephone services is because the cost to place a long distance call is quite impressive. Most Internet phone services offer a flat rate that allows unlimited calls throughout the month. These calls can be placed to anywhere in the U.S., as well as Canada. Some companies also offer reasonably priced international calling plans.

    Broadband Phone Service Providers

    You will find a variety of Internet phone service companies springing up to pick up the pieces of unsatisfied traditional phone company customers. Local cable providers are also taking advantage of this service by offering digital phone access through some of their service packages.


    In order to enjoy a broadband phone service, a high speed Internet connection is needed. This can be accomplished through cable or DSL access.

    A Few Disadvantages

    Since your phone service will be provided through the Internet, this means that during thunderstorms and power outages, you run the risk of losing your telephone access. When the power gives out, so does your phone service because it is connected through your computer. This also means that if an emergency should arise during this time, you will not have a way to communicate to the outside world, by phone that is. Also, 911 access is not available for all broadband phone users.
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