Unique Ways To Buy Wholesale Prepaid Phone Cards Online From Distributors

    Unique Ways To Buy Wholesale Prepaid Phone Cards Online From Distributors
    The calling card business has changed dramatically over the last year. In the past, it was a crazy skeptical business that had tons of wholesale phone card businesses open overnight, only to disappear the next day. Today, the number of illegitimate card operators have been thinned out, and there are more serious companies who are in the business to legitimately sell phone services, rather than to take consumers’ money and shut the doors. Distributing cards for a legitimate company represents a large revenue opportunity.

    There are some excellent niche markets for this industry such as cruise ships, commercial vessels, international associations that need wholesale calling cards in bulk to provide to their customers, employees or members, especially for international calling. with flexible, virtual, easy to use quality clean calling card solutions.

    Discount phone card distributors provide a great service for legitimate phone card providers. But there not a match for every wholesale phone card buyer. If you search around online, you will be able to network with a strong partner. Some companies offer bill at sale which will let you carry no inventory cost to allow your calling card business to expand your telecom product line without the extra asset cost and risk Point of Sale Activation offers a great way to be flexible in the every changing competitive market.

    The largest opportunity actually exists outside of traditional retail channels. If you sell to or need to provide phone cards outside of a retail location, there are several options worth exploring. You can find partners that will provide you with free trial phone cards to distribute as to help build their name and let your customers test the quality of the calls before putting a larger amount of money to recharge phone cards. Handing these to your customers can be a great value-add for your service or product. Many of them will even allow you to co-brand these trial cards, providing you with free advertising for your own brand at the same time. You can even find partners that have amazing unique offers such as special discounts, contest, free movie passes or free restaurant gift certificates.

    These are generally offered by companies that provide quality service and great rates. They are willing to offer extra bonuses, since they are confident that once a consumer tries their calling service, they will most likely recharge and continue to use their product. These wholesale phone card providers are using there strength in customer retention to offer an amazing phone card offers to attract new users. Some phone card companies may pay you as an affiliate with a small 5% commission. But if it’s a quality wholesale phone card provider online, they can pay you 80% to 150% of the sale to acquire a new customer to maximize your profit with no risk. Now is the time to do your research to find a firm that will provide extra value to your customers while maximizing your profit with minimal out of pocket expenses

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