The world's most beautiful yachts

    This Super Yacht built by the German building site Lürssen for a Saoudi Sheik is now the property of the Roman Abramovitch rich person who spent 254 million euros to acquire it.

    Giga Yacht "A"... One of the world's most beautiful yachts

    This 387 foot, 150,000,000 Euro Yacht belongs to Russian Billionaire Andre Melnichenko. Apparently, fueling this behemoth costs around $1,400,000 alone (Doesn't make sense, must be an extra large tank


    Luxury Retreats is your source for the most luxurious and well appointed yacht charters in the world, guaranteed to make your sailing holiday an unforgettable experience.

    Yacht or boat rentals are a unique way to explore some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world. Relax in the luxurious surroundings of your floating palace while it gracefully transports you from port to exotic port. Revel in the romance of crimson sunsets at sea with your loved one or enjoy the company of all your friends as you lounge on the deck. When you rent a yacht, the journey is just as enchanting as the destinations.

    An outstanding cruise vessel in Phuket, introduces you the world of turquoise Andaman Sea. With the modern standard and traditional design, Siam Junk will create an amazing luxury trip to exceed your expectations.

    The 73 ft Predator 72 Splash (shown below), will be on offer in Cannes, current asking price $2.3M. In view of declining yacht prices, the vendor should be very flexible.

    The Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

    Maltese Falcon Designer's 1920s-Style Superyacht Inspired by JFK

    Ken Freivokh, designer of the famed Maltese Falcon, the world's largest, most high-tech, beautiful and costliest sailing yacht, has gone classic for his latest project, the 1920's-inspired superyacht Sycara IV (above). The 151-ft. luxury yacht, built by the Burger Boat Company in Wisconsin, is designed to cruise the Great Lakes in high style and is partly inspired by John F. Kennedy's yacht the Honey Fitz. The aluminum-bodied craft resembles a classic wooden motor yacht with a schooner bow and fantail hull. The Art Deco-inspired interior woodwork is a masterpiece of handcrafted mahogany and madrone burl, with ebony, sycamore and padouk accents highlighted with stainless steel details in scores of inlays and moldings. Lalique bathroom fixtures are the finishing Deco touch. Of course she's also equipped with every bit of state-of-the-art tech you'd expect in a modern superyacht

    every tow years the Rolex Swan Cup transform the water off the coast of Sardina into a sea of competitive racing.

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