Rainbow wallpaper 2010

    Butterflies have types, shapes and colors, it is the most brightest of insects

    At puberty their wings live for several weeks only, even a mating and the birth of new generations of them.

    Butterfly has Multiple beautiful colors , and painted with geometric designs this is thanks to Color pigments wich produced by butterfly

    Our rainbow butterflies are a beautiful combination of all the colors of the rainbow and the natural wonder of butterflies. The electronic moving butterflies make a unique gift idea for every special occasion and they make a great birthday gift, wedding gift and party favor. You can use these realistic butterflies for enhancing the interior design of any home. Office lobby reception areas do well decorated with butterflies because they provide an uplifting vibe for the work environment.

    Source URL: http://dreamsandstars-eliza.blogspot.com/2009/10/rainbow-wallpaper-2010.html
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