Birds photos

    Birds.... Joldian Finch

    The maximum length is no more than 15 cm

    it Draws attention Draws attention from the rest of the birds for The beauty of it's colours

    And his native is Australia

    It Can be brought In cages as a Pair in each cage, a male and female

    Toucan Bird

    The toucan is a colorful bird whose habitat stretches from Mexico to South America. This photo displays some of the colorful plumage and the outsized beak, or bill. They have red, yellow, blue, black or orange plumage, often in vivid patterns, and feed on fruit and berries.

    To sleep, the toucan bends double and twists its beak around to rest it on its back. The toucan folds its tail onto its breast and wraps its wings around the rest of its body.

    Toucans are known for being noisy. When faced with a predator they gather and make a lot of noise to scare the predator away.

    Toucans belong to family Ramphastidae
    They are brightly marked and have large, colorful bills. It is also known as Sulfur-breasted Toucan, Rainbow-billed Toucan, and colloquially “the bill bird” (though this might refer to any toucan). It is a colorful South American bird with a large billSource URL:
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