Internet Safety for Girls

    Here we discuss some general Internet Safety Issues and steps to take to improve security on the internet.

    One of the most common ways by which Internet Security is compromised is by using a bug-ridden internet browser. It raises serious security concerns when a malicious hacker targets a known vulnerability in the browser. It is therefore recommended that you use a safer browser that is less prone to attacks. I have used FireFox+Google Toolbar for quite a while, I strongly recommend that you download and try it. You will see that with the help of the google toolbar, it is able to block annoying popups too. FireFox, is and always was free to use and can be uninstalled easily if you arent impressed with it.

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    Once the browser is secured, you should get the official updates for your operating system. Most users nowdays use Windows XP, So all XP users should get Windows XP Service Pack 2 to better defend you operating system. Get the Windows XPSP2 from any of the following locations:

    The download can take a while as the files could be above 250 mb and make sure you have a genuine copy of Windows XP installed.

    Install a good anti-virus package for protection against viruses. There are a few free Anti-Virus packages that offer decent security, such as

    If you are serious about internet security then you should consider using a commercial anti-virus package. Norton Anti-Virus and McAfee Anti-Virus are well known packages of which the latter is highly recommended if you can afford it.

    Finally, As a layer of protection against SpyWares, download and install the following Anti-SpyWare utilities:

    Run these utilities on a regular basis to clean out the spyware junk from your system.

    The tips above will improve your overall internet security, So how about a nice, friendly kiss for sharing these tips with you, Girls? ;-)

    Update: Norton Security Scan is now included with the google pack, See what more is included in the google pack.Source URL:
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