Reading feeds/headlines in FireFox

    If you use firefox, you probably already know that firefox is much safer than other browsers, it's also highly customizable with themes and addons. Have you used the "Live Bookmarks" feature of firefox? It's a great time saver. firefox let's you bookmark the feed of the site/blog you are visiting as a "Live Bookmark"(Provided it publishes one). Everytime you explore your bookmarks, the feed is updated and headlines are shown in a submenu.

    Here's how this feature is used:
    After the page is loaded, look for the "dish" icon on the statusbar.

    Hovering your mouse over the icon will show you if the site/blog publishes it's feed and clicking it will prompt you to save the site as "Live Bookmark". Once you are done saving, take your mouse to the "Bookmark" menu and explore the bookmark you just added. Firefox will fetch the feed for you and you will never have to fire up your standalone/web based feed readers anymore.

    Never used FireFox? There is always a first time sometime.

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Internet Safety for Girls

    Here we discuss some general Internet Safety Issues and steps to take to improve security on the internet.

    One of the most common ways by which Internet Security is compromised is by using a bug-ridden internet browser. It raises serious security concerns when a malicious hacker targets a known vulnerability in the browser. It is therefore recommended that you use a safer browser that is less prone to attacks. I have used FireFox+Google Toolbar for quite a while, I strongly recommend that you download and try it. You will see that with the help of the google toolbar, it is able to block annoying popups too. FireFox, is and always was free to use and can be uninstalled easily if you arent impressed with it.

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    Once the browser is secured, you should get the official updates for your operating system. Most users nowdays use Windows XP, So all XP users should get Windows XP Service Pack 2 to better defend you operating system. Get the Windows XPSP2 from any of the following locations:

    The download can take a while as the files could be above 250 mb and make sure you have a genuine copy of Windows XP installed.

    Install a good anti-virus package for protection against viruses. There are a few free Anti-Virus packages that offer decent security, such as

    If you are serious about internet security then you should consider using a commercial anti-virus package. Norton Anti-Virus and McAfee Anti-Virus are well known packages of which the latter is highly recommended if you can afford it.

    Finally, As a layer of protection against SpyWares, download and install the following Anti-SpyWare utilities:

    Run these utilities on a regular basis to clean out the spyware junk from your system.

    The tips above will improve your overall internet security, So how about a nice, friendly kiss for sharing these tips with you, Girls? ;-)

    Update: Norton Security Scan is now included with the google pack, See what more is included in the google pack.Source URL:
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Eva Mendes Wallpaper n picture gallery

    Eva Mendes is an famous hollywood actress and American celebrity.Eva mendes was born in Miami,to Cuban-American parents and was raised in Los Angeles by her mother after her parents divorce.Her father is a car salesman and her mother, Eva, is now an elementary school principal.Eva is the youngest of four children (2 sisters, 1 brother).

    She began acting in the late 1990s, and became known after a series of roles in several major Hollywood films, including 2 Fast 2 Furious, Hitch and We Own the Night. Mendes made her big-screen debut in 1998 in the horror film Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror.She received her first big-screen break when she appeared in the award-winning and critically-acclaimed Training Day. That performance led to roles in Stuck on You, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and as the female lead in the comedy Hitch opposite Will Smith.

    Eva is employed by Revlon Cosmetics as an international spokeswoman and is also a passionate supporter and active participant in Revlon's fight against breast cancer. In December 2007,Mendes posed nude for the anti-fur campaign of PETA.

    Name: Eva Mendes
    Birth date: 05-03-1974
    Birth place: Miami, Florida, U.S.
    Profession : Actress
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5' 07"

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Eva Longoria gallery n wallpapers

    Eva Longoria is a Golden Globe Award-nominated hollywood film celebrity and television actress. She plays Gabrielle Solis in the ABC television series Desperate Housewives. She became an nationally recognized model after appearing in several high-profile advertising campaigns and numerous men's magazines.In 2004, Longoria landed a role that elevated her to the A-List. She starred as adulteress Gabrielle Solis in the worldwide break-out ABC hit Desperate Housewives. As the show became an overnight sensation, Longoria's celebrity career was well and truly launched.

    Longoria was married to General Hospital star Tyler Christopher from January 20, 2002, to January 19, 2004.On November 30, 2006, she became engaged to Spurs point guard Tony Parker and the couple was officially married on July 6, 2007.

    Name: Eva Jacqueline Longoria
    Other Names:Eva Longoria Christopher and Eva Longoria Parker
    Birth date: 15-03-1975
    Place of birth: Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S.
    Parents: Enrique Longoria and Ella Eva Mireles
    sisters: Elizabeth Judina, Emily Jeannette, and Esmeralda Josephina
    Married to: Tyler Christopher (2002-2004)
    Tony Parker (2007-)

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Megan Fox Wallpapers

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FavIcon for Bloggers

    What is Favicon?

    Favicon is an acronym for "Favorite Icon". Nearly all professional sites use it nowdays. As it shows up right next to the address line of the adressbar and favorites list in Internet Explorer and probably on other browsers too. If you have your pages hosted either on paid hosting or free hosting, hosting the favicon is not a problem, however if you are using a blog service, you are out of luck as all blog providers would reject the *.ico extension. This is where you need a free service provider such as

    Use this smart tool to get a favicon from an image stored on your disk. you can get an animated favicon using this free favicon tool. Just follow this link and get your favicon in seconds URL:
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