Getting Free Content for your Blog

Get visitors from google blogs to yours

    Here's a smart tip for those looking to drive a little traffic to their site/blog. Subscribe to the Official google blogs which are of your interest. I generally subscribe to the feed of those blogs of google services that I use frequently, like adsense, analytics, adwords, blogger etc.

    Whenever a new article of your interest is published on Google Blogs, go ahead and make a blog post about the article and include a live link to the page, such as

    Source :

    Then, a link to your post will appear directly under the post that you have linked to. Notice that people visiting Google blogs would occasionaly stop by and check out your blog. Don't over-do this trick though, otherwise your blog will look like a discardable collection of irrelevant articles from google blogs.

    Did you come from one of the Google blogs? YES! You see this tip works !Source URL:
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