A positive google pagerank for $0 Challenge Blog

    Finally, Google took note of the $0 challenge blog and this blog jumped from 0 pagerank to pagerank 3. I suppose this is both good as well as bad news. Firstly, Iam happy that without any paid marketing or even paid services I managed to create a pagerank 3 Blog/Website, On the other hand, Iam worried that this blog will be spammed with spam links in order to improve their pagerank. That is not the way to go. Instead just $1 will get you on the frontpage of my blog for one whole month. Interested anyone? maybe someone will take an interest to just congratulate me for getting a pagerank 3.Source URL: http://dreamsandstars-eliza.blogspot.com/2006/04/positive-google-pagerank-for-0.html
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