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    Most people want to promote their blogs in the most easiest of ways, And hope that scores of people would line up to read their crap weblog. Well, this is for all those people who have not yet been able to find the pages related to blog promotion authored by

    Firstly, advises to try out certain settings on blogger itself. The document suggests to set the blog to ping Quite frankly, I am not sure if this makes much of a difference. Lets move on to other suggestions.

    Further, it suggests that we activate our navbar( The navigation bar on top ). Clicking the "nextblog" button it says is quite "popular". So, I also joined in the bandwagon and started clicking the "nextblog" button without much thought. I came across a few blogs that did not enable their navbar, but still showed up while I was clicking through. That brings us to the main question, why should we enable the navbar then when some blogs still show up without showing them?

    The next suggestions of using "Email this post", "switching on the site feed" and "add your blog to blogger listing" is quite useful and I suggest to follow the suggestions as advised by

    Writing Quality Content: This is what makes one blog stand out from the crowd or should I say BlogCrowd. Sometimes we just run out of ideas to write new content on the blog. On those days I choose to surf other blogs and pick up ideas to use on my blog ( I said "pick up" ideas NOT steal their content, be careful not to copy paste their content on your blog. ). Read the popular stories on google news, subscribe to some of the feeds of your interests and write content based on that knowledge.

    Get the news while its hot and If its is an "exclusive", meaning If you can provide some content( picture, audio or something related to story) which isn't on the internet already, bake your blog with "exclusive" content and let your audience feast on that "Cake". I remember, one such instance when a sensational and controversial news was published in the newspapers and some people took up the story and "blogged" about the story. Soon people who had read the story in the newspapers, landed on these blogs. Always try to be the first in these situations. If you delay, your traffic is split with higher ranking sites.

    Nowadays, the technology helps you to stay ahead of the competetion. Many people are not even aware that you can post to your blog here at just by sending email. If your blog gives you more options such as mobile blogging( blogging using mobile phones ) and publishing pictures using your camera phones, take advantage of these technologies and stay a mile ahead of the rest.

    Lastly, do check the grammar and typos on your post, spelling mistakes just look really bad. Use an automated tool to check the correct usage. provides spell check as an effective tool built into the interface. You will learn more blog promotion tips and hints in future. Bookmark this site for further reference.

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