Indian Telemarketers having nervous breakdowns due to verbal abuse

    Workers in India are having nervous breakdowns after being abused by fed-up Australians but they aren't getting much sympathy. Quote: "Some companies are regretting outsourcing their business to India because of the damage it does to their products' reputation." Finally!

    After This article got quite a number of responses, I decided to blog about it and Also create a poll.

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    Technorati and Digg are a good place to submit your blog. People look for blog content at Technorati every day. Almost every site will ask for following information.

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    The more you blog the more chances there are that your blog will attract visitors. Let people comment on your blogs and reply to them when asked, this way you are building a relationship with your visitors and also getting good feedback on your post. When some of your posts start getting more attention than other posts you should follow up the article with an extended post. That will give your blog more popularity.

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    Always make good use of page titles, post titles. Use titles, which accurately describe your post and make a powerful impact on the readers mind. Be aware that in most cases the visitor will read the post title in a fraction of a second and decide if he/she wants to continue reading. You have to provide an interesting and hopefully short and descriptive title. Also make sure that you format your post title differently than the article itself, like making it bold or different color, size etc. Don’t use too many capital letters in your sentences. It gives an impression of being a spam log or in short “splog”.

    Using Graphics and Images.
    I have to admit that ever since I got a high-speed connection to the Internet, I almost used to forget that there are still so many users who are on dial-up connections and the blog shouldn’t choke on their connection. Try to use minimum graphics and external scripts on your blog, optimize your images before using it on your blog. You can find free online graphics optimizers.

    Track user hits to your site / blog
    Install a hit counter on your blog/site. There are many free ones you can choose, I personally recommend statcounter. By studying the stats you can actually gain useful knowledge about the blog visitors. It will help you find out what things you are doing right and what you aren’t.

    Format your content for better readability
    Lets face it, We all hate to read a post where ideas are crammed into one long paragraph. Long paragraphs make the posts very boring to read through and chances are that your visitors will not even read the whole paragraph. Make wise use of text formatting features on your blog post. Split different ideas within a post into different paragraphs and try to keep your posts short. Split the posts itself and let the visitors decide if they want to read more of your posts.

    Be an active commenter
    Read others blogs and write comments on their blogs. You should also leave a link to your blog and you could get some visitors from that blog / website. You can also join forums, discussion groups etc. but be careful to post your comments on relevant forum topics and do not spam the forums or mail of the visitors.

    Remember always that there are only two golden rules of blog promotion
    Rule 1
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    Rule 2: Come back tomorrow and re-read both the rules again.

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    Alex Tew’s story as published by BBC is here ( ), and his homepage is Many websites took up his concept to create copycat sites and some actually managed to make good revenue from it. His success also made some people jealous his website had to face DdoS attack for ransom. Someone out of jealousy created the site or perhaps this was another way to cash in on the popularity of the milliondollarhomepage.

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    Most people want to promote their blogs in the most easiest of ways, And hope that scores of people would line up to read their crap weblog. Well, this is for all those people who have not yet been able to find the pages related to blog promotion authored by

    Firstly, advises to try out certain settings on blogger itself. The document suggests to set the blog to ping Quite frankly, I am not sure if this makes much of a difference. Lets move on to other suggestions.

    Further, it suggests that we activate our navbar( The navigation bar on top ). Clicking the "nextblog" button it says is quite "popular". So, I also joined in the bandwagon and started clicking the "nextblog" button without much thought. I came across a few blogs that did not enable their navbar, but still showed up while I was clicking through. That brings us to the main question, why should we enable the navbar then when some blogs still show up without showing them?

    The next suggestions of using "Email this post", "switching on the site feed" and "add your blog to blogger listing" is quite useful and I suggest to follow the suggestions as advised by

    Writing Quality Content: This is what makes one blog stand out from the crowd or should I say BlogCrowd. Sometimes we just run out of ideas to write new content on the blog. On those days I choose to surf other blogs and pick up ideas to use on my blog ( I said "pick up" ideas NOT steal their content, be careful not to copy paste their content on your blog. ). Read the popular stories on google news, subscribe to some of the feeds of your interests and write content based on that knowledge.

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