What is a $0 challenge?

    What are the things that other people add to their blogs to make it look cool! or hot! or sexy? I learnt that there are so many resources and addons that people can use on their blogs to improve the look of their blogs or add functionality to their blog. Many of these blog stuff and blog things are free of cost. The only challenge is to find the right things for your blog. Although this blog aims to be a guide for the bloggers, many of the hints, tips, hacks etc. are also relevant for personal website who look for third party enhancements for their site.

    What is life without a little challenge? The Zero Dollar Challenge is the motivating factor of this blog, A personal review on the free internet blog things and stuff and a dummies guide to get started in blogging and a directory for finding those cool things for their blog/website for those, Who have never blogged before.Source URL: http://dreamsandstars-eliza.blogspot.com/2006/02/what-is-0-challenge.html
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